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Health Tips
Planning for a trip to India, you are really a lucky one. The reason is simple; you do not need to wait for any particular season, you will never feel too cold or too hot, and you do not have to be concerned about any arrangement. Mother Nature has bestowed this country with the best climate in the world, making it a heaven for tourists. The only thing you will need to take care of is your health because only having a good health allows enjoying your journey at its fullest. So here are some travel tips that you should follow to ensure you stay away from any kind of health issues during your exotic journey to India:

Do some research:
Though most of the parts of India experiences similar climatic conditions during a particular season, still it is suggested that you do some research about your travel destination. Most of the destinations in India have a certain part of the year when it is not a good idea to visit. Get comprehensive details about the best time to visit the particular destination. In brief, summers are generally very hot in India, except North-Indian states and Goa. Similarly, winters are very chilly in North-Indian states. So it is better you avoid a trip to Rajasthan during summers and to Kashmir during winters.

Keep clean:
Cleanliness is a big problem with India; thus it is suggested that you take care of yourself. Always carry paper soaps and wash your hands regularly. In most of the pilgrimage sites in India, it is considered ritual to drink water from the water bodies. Keep one thing in mind here; the water in these water bodies is not clean. So if you are someone with bad health or bad digestion, avoid drinking water from these water bodies.

Eat nutritiously:
The great thing about India is that this country offers you a wide range of edibles. So food will not be any issue for them, no matter what kind of taste you have. But still there is a problem; India is a country where food with heavy spices is liked more. Avoid eating from roadside chat-corners; it may create many problems for you. Keep track of your health along with the taste, and you will surely find something hygienic and nutritious for you.

Use good judgment:
Before entering to any restaurant, be certain about the cleanliness and food quality. Some restaurants may appear good, but they are not. Prefer vegetarian over non-vegetarian. Insist on freshly cooked food and avoid pre-prepared foods as they gather germs which can cause diarrhea. When in doubt, go for fruits.

Sleep well:
Sleep is the first casualty during travels because you have very less time to visit a lot of destinations. However, you should never forget that you cannot push yourself above limits. Maintain a good sleeping habit and do sufficient rest, because if you are wholesome, you will be able to enjoy your journey.

Seek Treatment:
Last but not the least important; when you feel unwell, seek treatment. If you are sick, inform the hotel receptionist or visit a doctor. It may take some of your time but will save you from a big trouble later on. Never be your own expert, which most of the people do.